The Ground-Breaking Technology That Redefines Making Coffee At Home

You’re on this page right now because you care about the coffee you drink. You want it to be as strong and as full of flavour as if a barista is in your kitchen each morning.

And you don't want to waste money on something that's not right for you. That’s why you’re about to discover something that's taking the Irish Coffee scene by storm.

  • check Every coffee is expertly tasted
  • check Matched up to your unique taste profile
  • check Sent fresh from each roastery
  • check Exactly on your schedule
  • check Giving you delicious coffee each and every day

Why You'll Love CoffeeHub


A Coffee Journey

Continually discover new coffees by roasters nationwide. Handpicked and tasted by our expert tasters


Fresh to Your Door

Freshly roasted to order and delivered to your door on your schedule​


Coffee Curation

Our taste algorithm matches you with the coffee you like and continuously delivers based on your preferences.


Coffee Queue

Browse and control your upcoming coffee picks with you Coffee Queue


Support Local​.

Championing small business. Committed to ethical and sustainable practices and supporting farmers


Really easy to use site, ordering process is extremely smooth and had me checked out in 2 minutes ​

​ Rob QuinnU

Simply amazing. ​ I've been drinking coffee for years, but I've never drank coffee as good as the ones you offer.​ I didn't know which coffee matched to my tastes, until I took your quiz and it was amazing the coffee matched my tastes perfectly. ​ In three words: precise, passionate, efficient.​ Thank you! ​

Guilia Magri

Really great service and very quick delivery! Love the coffee and will come back again. ​

Anne McGloughlin

Deadly idea from the two lads. I wouldnt have been aware of any specialist roasters in Ireland or have access to their beans without the help of CoffeeHub, fair play! Looking forward to my next monthly subscription!

Paul Neylon

How we're Different

CoffeHub Roaster Direct Other Subscription Cafe/Supermarkets
One Stop Shop
Shipped Fresh
Customisable Subscription
30+ Coffees
Personalised coffee taste profile
Integrating science
Innovating software

Featured Roasters

How CoffeeHub Works

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Create a Taste Profile

Take our quiz to create a free taste profile and optionally rate previous coffees

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Get Matched

Our taste algorithm matches you from our selection of Irelands best coffees, all tasted by our team

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Fresh from the Roaster

Sent at peak freshness directly from each roaster on your adjustable schedule

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Coffee Review

Rating your coffee will improve your next cup and teach aboutyour taste

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