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Tra Coffee Roasters Tramore, Waterford​

El Salvador, San Carlos Dos


Forest berries with a juicy acidity with a buttery biscuit body

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Forest berries with a juicy acidity with a buttery biscuit body

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Coffee Story

Cooperativa San Carlos first started in 1980 made possible by agrarian reforms that were implemented by the El Salvadorian Government which redistributed land to small farmers. The 672 Ha farm run from 1100 to 1665 masl on the Cacahuatique Mountain, which during the civil war in the 1980s was a strategic strong point for the Government Opposition Forces as it allowed views from its summit far around the region. The farm has 126 associate members with their families all living and working on the land which is split into 25 separate lots. The wet mill and patios for the processing the coffee is situated at 1400masl up the mountain providing a perfect location for drying the coffees as it is situated facing north/northeast which is the direction of the prevailing winds which helps to maintain stable temperatures for drying coffees. The cherry is floated before being pulped leaving 100% of the mucilage intact. From here the coffee is then placed on raised African Beds with cover where the coffee is dried for 12 - 16 days at temperatures between 28 - 38 degrees down to 11% moisture. San Carlos Dos is also part of the Blue Harvest Program (started 2016) run by Catholic Relief Services which looks at helping to address water tables and areas highlighted for water shortages in Central America. They were chosen due to the Morazán department being highlighted as a potential area for famine due to the lack of water available and poor soil health. All 126 members of the cooperative and started to implement (with help) good soil and water management practices; minimising the use of agrochemicals and promoting organic fertilisers and implanting better practices for land management. On the land they manage to maintain 338 infiltration wells that help to provide drainage for rainfall. The Cocahuatique mountain provides the water source for the town of Osicala and these changes are helping improve the water supply to the community and families. These changes have also seen an increase in the average yield on the land.

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    El Salvador

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    Tramore, Waterford​

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    Cooperativa San Carlos


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    Tramore, Waterford​

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    Fun Fact

    Tom’s story is different from any other roaster in Ireland. His job took him all around the world and he enjoyed tasting coffee from wherever he was, be it in Lebanon, Liberia or Chad.​​​Before Tra Coffee Tom served as a sniper in the Irish defense forces for over two decades. Following this what started out as an experiment shortly became a business due to popular demand. Tom brings his keen eye and attention to detail in his sourcing and roasting technique.​Tom and his team hope that wherever you’re enjoying your coffee, it gives you that feeling of intense freshness like walking on the beach on a cool windy day…!​

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