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(1) Ordering coffee: All coffee is personally selected for you and will be based on your taste profile, we will ask you to fill out a short quiz to sign up to get a feel for what your preferences are, from there you will be giving the algorithm feedback by “rate my coffee” after each coffee. For each order after this, you can pick your own or one will be selected based on your taste profile. (2) Coffee: Once signed up for a subscription, each coffee that is sent will be different from the last, and based on your taste profile (unless you’ve requested a repeat order). You’ll receive an email, 3 days prior to the order being sent to the roaster. You will have 48 hours to make any changes to your order. (3) Customisation & frequency: Once you are logged into your account, you’ll be able to personalise everything in the settings tab. Please note that order frequencies account for weekends, roaster schedules, holidays, and the number of expected shipping days
Irelands only truly personal coffee gift. Take the quiz and enter the code at checkout, the balance will be added to your account. If you have a CoffeeHub account and have received a gift you can add the gift balance to your account in the Gift Management area of your account.
Yes, you can buy directly from the website as a once off purchase. The only downside is that you won’t get all the added benefits of being subscribed, including a personal taste profile using our proprietary technology, discounted shipping, rewards and loyalty points, access to the countries largest selection of coffee through a platform revolutionising how we experience our coffee.
We don’t only want to teach you all the words to talk like a coffee expert but help you describe exactly how you like your coffee. So next time you’re asked a curveball question by a barista you’ll know what roast strength, body, or balance you prefer, you may even teach them something they didn’t know! Our cutting-edge technology is built to help define what tastes good to you, and tells you how an expert describes your taste.
We have a library of resources to help you improve your brewing at home. We want you to be able to brew the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, at home dive in and start learning now.
Cancellation Policy
Orders are sent to the roasteries five working days before the expected arrival date, you can cancel anytime up until this point. If you need help with an order don’t hesitate to contact us: from the contact us page or email hello@coffeehub.io
Login to your account and in the Coffee Queue area, you can pause your subscription or make any other changes. But realistically you’ll always want great quality coffee so we recommend just changing the frequency of your orders.
Yes, from the Coffee Queue area of your subscription you can pause your coffee shipments. We know you’ll always want great quality coffee so you can change the frequency or take a short break from here.
Your Order
If you don't like your coffee, rate it, or just get in touch and we will reach out to help. Our mission is to help you get great coffee and your feedback will help it happen.
Coffee is highly seasonal and from time-to-time orders in your coffee queue may go out of stock before your order is placed. Your coffee queue will automatically update based on taste profile. If you believe your most recent order isn’t the coffee you were expecting and was placed in error, please let us know! See the contact page or email hello@coffeehub.io.
You will be able to see your coffee estimated arrival date from the Coffee Queue tab of your Account. Our couriers are swift with their deliveries, however if there is still no sign of your coffee after 48 hours of the expected arrival date. Please contact us: from the contact us page or email hello@coffeehub.io
Your ratings help us find better coffee for you and improve the accuracy of your Taste Profile. You can enter the Basic, Basic+ or Advanced review, whichever you feel comfortable with. We’ve made a quick tutorial to help you get better coffee even sooner. It will be emailed to you shortly after your first coffee
We have built in flexibility for you, our goal with this is to make coffee pricing as simple and consistent as possible. With X number of different coffees and a large amount of different price points, the best way to serve you was to group these into three groups. Basic tier: €10, Deluxe Tier: €12 Exclusive Tier: Starting from €12.50+ Manual adjustment: Set the price range you want to spend. Shipping Prices: All subscriptions under €30 have a €4.50 shipping cost, all subscriptions over €30 have a shipping €2.50 shipping cost.
Once coffee is ground it slowly begins to lose some of its aromatic qualities that can contribute to the flavour as the gas releases. If you order ground coffee, we recommend you consume it with 21 days for the best taste, you can still drink it after this time but we suggest you don’t review it after 21 days. Our top tips on grinders: If coffee is not ground evenly and to the proper grind setting using a burr grinder, it is more likely to end up in an uneven extraction and your coffee may ultimately taste bitter or sour. Not everyone owns or has access to a burr grinder and therefore can compromise the quality of coffee using a more cost-effective blade grinder, we do not recommend using them. By grinding coffee to its optimal grind setting using a commercial or high-quality burr grinder at each of our partners roasteries, we believe will results in better tasting coffee in the end.
We’ve listened to customer feedback, and we have added a credit function. You can top-up on payday or when you need and earn bonus credit by doing so. We’ll be adding auto-refill as one of our next features. By selecting the amount you’d like to preload on your account. We’ll automatically reload your account with that amount when your balance drops below €20 so you never have to worry about it.
Your first charge is taken from your card from then it will default to be taken out of your credit balance within your account, if you have topped it up. If you haven't, or don’t have enough, the amount will be charged to your card. Our estimated shipping accounts for weekends, roaster schedules, holidays, and the number of days we expect for shipping. As a result, the order is processed roughly five days before you expect it to be delivered.
Yes, you can edit your shipping address easily, just log into your account and go to the settings tab and update your new address.
Your payment is taken five working days before you expect to receive your coffee. If your account balance is too low, and payment is declined, this order will go on hold and retry in 48 hours. We will reach out to notify you that your roaster is awaiting your payment for their fantastic craft.
We account for weekends, roaster schedules, holidays, and the number of days we expect shipping to take. As a result, the timing of shipping and billing may slightly vary from your chosen frequency but usually arrives a day before or after your requested date. If you have any coffee that has not arrived 48 hours after the expected arrival time, please contact us: from the contact us page or email hello@coffeehub.io
We know that your needs and lifestyle changes, we’ve made it easy to increase or decrease the shipments of coffee. Just log into your account and under settings you can edit your order frequency to meet your needs.
Promotions, Referral, And Credits
Share your referral link or code on WhatsApp, on Social, or however you please or email directly from within your CoffeeHub account using or editing the templates that are waiting for you, and you can send a reminder to them in a week. You’ll be able to see everyone who you’ve referred in the get free coffee area of your account. We’ve made referrals as simple as it could be, so now all that’s left to do is… Spread the word! There are plenty of other things you can do to get free coffee that doesn’t involve sharing with your friends, we’ve made a separate video that was emailed to you the subject was ‘Get Free Coffee’, this is one of our active subscriber benefits and if you haven’t already got it will be with you over the coming weeks.
Gift Subscriptions
We wanted to make claiming your gift as easy as possible. Simply, click the link in the email you were sent, create a profile by starting with your quiz. When inside go-to gift management and enter the coupon code that was emailed to you. Or if they told us your preferences already It's fully automatic, your coffee will start arriving on the chosen date! When claiming a gift you must claim it from the same email that the purchaser sent it to. If you have any further questions reach out at hello@coffeehub.io
Luckily that’s easy, when purchasing the gift we'll tell you if they have an account already or not! For friends with an account, we already know their preferences so giving them a personalised gift has never been easier. All they have to do is to enter their code found in the email, into their CoffeeHub account in the Gift Management area. The gift amount will be added to their account and ready to use.