Our AeroPress brew guide to help you get started.

AeroPress is a very easy and portable piece of equipment that gives you a great coffee quickly. You can make your AeroPress several different ways and it's one of the most versatile pieces of coffee equipment there is. This is a basic Inverted AeroPress recipe and only takes about two minutes. It's recommended as a starting point. We encourage you to find out a way that makes your coffee taste exactly how you like it, take note and then repeat. Using the same recipe every time allows you to fully taste how each bean is different.

What You Need

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The Prep Stage

Getting started

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Add your coffee and stopwatch

Add your fresh coffee and get your timer ready

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Adding the water

Using a timer we'll add the water

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The Press

The flip, How long to wait and how to press. It makes a difference.

1. Getting started

  • Get your AeroPress brewer, kettle, and coffee ready. Put your filter paper in the cap and rinse it with a little hot water. Then turn your AeroPress upside down as shown..

2. Add your fresh coffee and get your timer ready

  • Using your AeroPress scoop will give you 14grams of coffee. Add one full scoop to your AeroPress as it stands. Once your coffee's inside give the AeroPress a shake so your coffee is evenly spread. Get a stopwatch ready from your phone or other. AeroPress is a medium grind size, slightly bigger than pour over but smaller than French press. If you're unsure, save some wholebeans and order your next bag ground for AeroPress and dial your grinder in until they're similar in size..

3. Using a timer we'll add the water

  • Anyone who makes consistently good coffee always uses a timer. Start your timer (optional but recommended) and add enough water so that it's under the number 4 marker. Gently stir or swirl your AeroPress for 20-30 seconds this makes sure all the coffee is wet and starts the blooming process, this activates the coffee so that we get the maximum amount of flavour from our cup. Fill your AeroPress a little below the top and stir gently at least five times. Place the top on to seal the AeroPress, without pressing. Wait and let the AeroPress extract the flavor from the coffee..

4. The flip, How long to wait and how to press. It makes a difference.

  • Wait until the stopwatch has been brewing for at least 2 minutes, including the 20-30 seconds of blooming. Then place your cup on top of the AeroPress (Yes upside down). Holding the AeroPress and the cup in place flip them so the cup is on the bottom. Then begin to press, applying constant pressure over the entire press. The press should take between 10-15 seconds. You'll be left with a beautifully extracted coffee! When experimenting with your recipe we recommend only changing one or two specific things at a time, we promise this will make you an expert a whole lot faster..